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Farmer's Harvest - eCommerce for local farms and markets


Farmer’s Harvest is a complete online marketing and sales platform and offers everything you need to get your business seen, and get your products to customers.

Focused & Flexible

Farmer’s Harvest is designed specifically for small farms and markets, meaning it’s focused specifically on your needs, but with enough flexibility to work with any sales strategy.

Easy & Intuitive

The focused nature of Farmer’s Harvest means everything has been streamlined to make it incredibly easy to use which saves you time and money.

Start with a free website

The foundation of your store will be a completely free website that can be as minimalist or expansive as you like. Manage your fully-customizeable site with a drag-and-drop editor, with no technical knowledge necessary!

Not ready to start selling? Keep your site, for free, as long as you like!

Set up your store in minutes

With options tailored to the needs of local farms and farmers markets, you have all of the options you need and no distractions. Accept credit card payments to your bank account in minutes.

All the features you need for a capped percentage of monthly sales, or a low yearly fee.

Key Features

Tailored for local farms and farmers markets

With all the features local farms and markets need, without any you don’t, Farmer’s Harvest provides an intuitive solution to get your products in the hands of your customers.

Local Delivery & Pickup

Specifically designed for small and medium farms and markets offering local pickup and delivery in your immediate area. Easily set your delivery boundary to guarantee orders are in your delivery area.

Easily Accept Credit Card Payments

The ability to accept credit card payments is baked right in to our system, and funds are automatically transferred directly to your bank account. You can also keep track of “offline” payments like cheques and e-transfers. Farmers markets enjoy the ease of having payments transferred directly to your venvdors after collecting your fee.

Easy to Use

Spend time selling, not mastering a complex interface. Easy means all of the features you need right where you expect them.

Advanced Inventory Management

Manage product stock per product variation, or as a pool of stock automatically distributed amongst each product variation depending on the weight/size of the variant.

Seamless Reporting

To-the-point reporting gives you the information you need when you need it in an easy to digest format.

No-Code Page Builder

Create a beautiful, customized website that stands out from the crowd with no technical knowledge required. Our websites are entirely free for life, and you only pay a fee on items sold through your store (if enabled).

Get Started in under 10 Minutes