Getting Started

Getting started with Farmer’s Harvest is quick and easy, whether you’re just looking for a free website, or need a complete e-commerce solution to sell your products online.

It takes well under 10 minutes to get fully set up, and you need absolutely zero technical know-how.

Start by clicking on any of the Get Started links, enter your name, email address, and set a password, then continue on.

Register for Farmer's Harvest

Your website forms the foundation of your account, so click “Create a site” to continue.

Create a Farmer's Harvest site

Enter your business’ name, select whether you’re a vendor (a farm or food producer) or a market / food hub, and enter a subdomain which will form the web address that’s used to access your site and store. It should be all letters with no spaces. You can include numbers, but we’d advise against it. In the example below, the web address (URL) used to access your site would be

Create your Farmer's Harvest Site

Continuing on, you can now start setting up your site and your store.