Market Vendors

With a vendor account, you can sell at any number of markets – you’ll just need to be in touch with the market that uses Farmer’s Harvest, and ask that they add you as a vendor.

If you do not already have your own Farmer’s Harvest store, you’ll be prompted to set up your Stripe Connect account when you try to access any of the “My Market” section pages, which is where you can manage your products and orders for a given market. Stripe Connect allows you to receive funds for your products. Transfers are automatically made to your Stripe Connect account every time an order containing one of your products is made, and you can choose how frequently those funds are transferred to your bank account. To get set up, please follow the directions under “Stripe Connect” on the My Store documentation page.

Once you have Stripe Connect setup, you can add products, view orders, and view pick tickets for your current market. If you are a vendor at multiple markets, you can easily toggle between markets using the toggle at the top of every “My Market” subpage. Just be sure the correct market is selected before you get going.

Adding Products

Adding a product is nearly identical to adding a product to your own store, but you’ll notice that there isn’t an “Active” toggle. Some markets will allow your product into their store without your review, but others must approve the product first. Once the product has been approved, you can disable/enable it as you wish.

Viewing Orders

The Orders tab allows you to see all orders that contain your products at the selected market. When you view the order, it will only show the products from your store. When you view order details, you can view the amount due to you from the order, and whether it was automatically transferred to your Stripe Connect account.

If you sell any products by weight, you will need to come to this section to enter the actual product weights of the by weight items.

Pick Tickets

The Pick Tickets section allows you to view and print out pick tickets for markets by fulfillment option (if they have more than one) and period. This is a list of orders and items you need to fulfill for each order.