Order Management

Order management and reporting is simple and seamless with Farmer’s Harvest.


The Orders section is where you go to view all orders placed through your store. The main Orders page allows you to view and filter a list of orders, and quickly take actions like marking an order paid if you were paid by cheque or e-transfer.

Clicking on an order will allow you to view details, including line items, customer and payment information, and more. You can mark offline payments paid on order detail pages, as well as input final item weights for items sold by weight.

If you are a market / food hub, you can also view details about transfers to your vendors for each order.


Customers are given the courtesy of owning and managing their own accounts, including payment details, but the customer details you see are specific to your store. Customers only show up in this section once they have actually completed at least one order, as we don’t have a complete customer profile until that time.

Customer pages also include a list of orders placed at your store so you can easily view a customer’s purchase history.


We aim to provide concise but informative reports. When viewing a report, just click the Print button to view a printer friendly version.

Pack Lists are likely to be used most frequently, as you’ll reference them when packing your orders.

Sales by Product, and Sales by Fulfillment Option are meant to be more informational, to provide you with the data you need to steer your business.